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What is TIMS-02 FORM for E-SDC accreditation?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The Governance Committee requests authorised person for the E-SDC product submitted for accreditation to sign the attached Declaration of Conformity (TIMS 02 FORM).

In addition to the signed Declaration, authorised person must include an of evidence of the signatory's association with the company (applicant). This evidence may be any public document that connects the signatory with the company (applicant).

The signed Declaration of Conformity serves as an assurance that you will not:

  • Intentionally assists your client taxpayer in Samoa to commit fraud covered under our Tax Administration Act 2012 (available on our website); or

A signed Declaration with associated evidence can be sent to:

After verifying the signed Declaration and evidence of association, MCR will publish E-SDC product as accredited on a public facing portal in a following template:

Product typeWorks withAccreditation typeSupplierProduct nameModelHardware versionSoftware versionCountry of originWeb siteContact

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