Accredited Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD)

About EFD components and handling

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if EFD is compliant with requirements or not?  
  2. Where do I purchase a card reader?  
  3. After procuring/installing EFD, what is the next step?  
  4. Can non-accredited software or equipment be used instead of official EFD, even if it works like an accredited one?  
  5. How does an EFD differ from other hardware and software used for issuing invoices?  
  6. How does receipt verification work?  
  7. How to reduce paper usage?  
  8. How to register credit card surcharge fee through EFD when this is not my income?  
  9. How to register credit sales in EFD, as I’m not collecting VAGST at the moment of credit sale?  
  10. How will the EFD work?  
  11. I already have an invoicing system which is up-to-date and does everything my business needs, do I need to change it completely?  
  12. If a customer requests an invoice for the purpose of claiming VAGST, will receipt produced by EFD be sufficient or should another sales receipt be attached, considering also possibility that receipt on thermal paper may fade?  
  13. If a customer returns the goods and demands money back, how will EFD balance the total?  
  14. If a taxpayer has a regular computer that he/she is using to print invoices should it be replaced?  
  15. Is it allowed to change EFD if it doesn’t suite business needs?  
  16. Is there a way to be compliant free of charge?  
  17. What do I do if my card is misplaced/stolen?  
  18. What if EFD is stolen?  
  19. What if EFD malfunctions?  
  20. What if it is necessary to change the location where EFD is initially installed?  
  21. What is Secure Element (SE)?  
  22. What is the cost of EFD?  
  23. What will EFD change in existing accounting practices?  
  24. When should a Buyer provide the Buyer TIN?  
  25. Where can EFD be purchased?  
  26. Where should I direct my existing cash register or invoice software provider to get information about TIMS standard?  
  27. Which tax rates are used by EFD  
  28. Who is controlling EFD and how?  

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