POS” means a point of sale invoicing device or software which is an electronic device or software application that is —

    1. used by a business for management control in the areas of sales analysis and stock control; and
    2. a component of the business’s EFD—
      1. into which a cashier enters the transaction data for each transaction made by the business; and
      2. from which a fiscal invoice for the transaction is issued;

SDC” means a sales data controller which is the component of an EFD that—

    1. receives transaction data from a POS component of the EFD;
    2. analyses the transaction data into fiscal data;
    3. formats the fiscal data as a fiscal invoice, creates the digital signature for the EFD and records the digital signature on the fiscal invoice;
    4. transmits the fiscal invoice to the POS;
    5. preserves the transaction data and fiscal data in an irrevocable and secure manner; and
    6. transmits the fiscal data to the IRS System;

External SDC” or “E-SDC” means a SDC that is hardware set up as a separate component of the EFD used by a taxpayer.

V-SDC” means a virtual SDC that is software attached to the IRS System.

Electronic fiscal device” or “EFD” means a system, composed of one SDC and at least one POS connected together, that—

    1. receives, records, analyses and stores fiscal data;
    2. formats fiscal data into fiscal invoices;
    3. has a secure element which transmits the fiscal data to the IRS System; and
    4. produces fiscal invoices and issues them to a customer;

Secure element” means the software and hardware used by an EFD and IRS to prevent tampering and unauthorised use of fiscal data transmitted to the IRS System and to maintain the integrity of the fiscal data;

Digital certificate” means a unique electronic document issued by the Commissioner for each EFD that—

    1. authenticates the EFD when it links with the IRS System; and
    2. contains public and private key for creating, producing and verifying the digital signature of the EFD;

Digital signature” means an encrypted digital code that—

    1. is created by an SDC using private key;
    2. is recorded on each fiscal invoice by the SDC;
    3. identifies the taxpayer; and
    4. verifies the integrity of the SDC when it transmits fiscal data to the IRS System;

Fiscal invoice” means a receipt that—

    1. is notifying an obligation to make a payment and includes a tax invoice
    2. is issued from an EFD to acknowledge that a transaction has occurred between a business and a customer; and
    3. has printed on it the fiscal data and other information relating to the transaction specified in regulation 12(2);

group of businesses” means a group of businesses specified by the Commissioner by notice published on the Ministry’s website

time specified by the Commissioner in respect of a group of businesses” means the period of time specified by the Commissioner, by notice published on the Ministry’s website, within which a taxpayer, who has a business that is a member of the group, must be operating an EFD for the business.